Call Me a Right-Wing Extremist

The latest broad stroke buzz phrase by Liberals calls folks with family values “right-wing extremists.”

I guess that means me.

Mr. Editor of the N.Y. Times, please add this list of things I believe to your definition.

  • God is Love
  • The Constitution is not evolving
  • The poor need help, directly, not through a corrupt Government (a la’ Judas Iscariot holding the purse)
  • Unborn babies are human beings (ask a Biologist)
  • Marriage is Holy
  • Divorce is a last resort
  • Children need a mom and dad
  • Going to Church makes me a better person
  • Stealing is wrong…all the time
  • Working at a job, no matter how menial, beats collecting from the Government
  • America is a great place
  • America is not arrogant
  • Those here illegally should not be celebrated
  • Those who kill innocent people have earned equal retribution
  • Servicemen and women deserve our respect and support
  • A strong defense is like a well-built fence, expensive, but effective
  • I have the right to protect my family, with a firearm when necessary
  • I am proud to speak my mind, no matter how unpopular it makes me with you
  • People I don’t like still have the right to speak and believe differently

I hope that helps.


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