Do You Mind if I Poke?

There was a time when Cigarette smoking was considered chic.

All of Hollywood could be counted on to endorse one brand or another.

They even touted made-up claims about residual vitality from the natural leaves one was inhaling.

As time passed and facts about lung diseases exploded, Americans finally figured out the lie.

Are we not in a similar era with smart phones right now?

Do we not think the latest gadget is the most glamorous?

Are we not lighting up our screens at inappropriate times, setting bad examples for children…like at soccer games, or dinner time?

The health hazards of texting and driving are pretty obvious…but what about those crazy self-absorbed pedestrians not looking both ways?

Here’s a suggestion…next time we’re in a social situation and we absolutely need to interface, how about we say something like…”Do you mind if I poke?”

Or, better yet, leave the room saying…”I apologize, I need to take this call” being as brief as possible.

Real people are better than virtual.

Safety is better than Facebook.

If you really want to be a Marlboro Man, or Virginia Slim Girl, be smart and put that phone away.



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