G. Zimmerman at Scene of Another Hate Crime

Just when you thought it couldn’t happen again, the name Zimmerman pops up near a racially motivated murder in the U.S.

This time the innocent victim, Tevin Geike, who had just returned home from serving his country, was approached by a gang of bigots.

Ethnically motivated slurs were overheard, then Tevin was stabbed numerous times and left to die.

After the incident, Tevin’s best friend and brother of Glenn Zimmerman, held the dying soldier in his arms as he passed away.

Click on the link below to see Mr. Zimmerman’s tale of sadness.


First of all, I’d like to beg forgiveness to the Geike family for sensationalizing this story.

I also offer my deepest sympathies for their tragic loss.

The headlines I used are true, yet a bit misleading to the public.

You see, Tevin is White.

That was his crime.

My readers are smart enough to put the pieces together to determine who the killers were.

Left-leaning journalists will be running from this story like it never happened.


Because they have an agenda…and this doesn’t help it.

If we on the Right don’t shout this story from the mountain tops, it will only happen again and again.

There’s a culture of looking the other way in this country’s media when certain groups act like cut-throats.

Not so for the rest of us.

Rest in peace soldier.

God will sort this out in due time.

Those who pooh-pooh your story will have a price to pay as well.


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