To the President Go the Conservative Spoils

It’s quite ironic how the President’s approval numbers go down when he’s pressing Progressive ideals, and up when pursuing Conservative virtues.

Unfolding before your eyes over the next few days will be a 180 degree turn about in the media, showering Mr. O with praise for two successful anti-terror attacks in Northern Africa.

As for me…I second the motion.

I refuse to be a phony.

No matter how much I disagree with the President, to the victor, especially when it comes to crushing Al Qaeda, go the spoils.

Well done team.

As for the rest of the rabble, posing as journalists…enjoy the comedy routine friends.

Tom Friedman and E.J. Dionne will be shouting “Hail the General” within just a few hours from now…hoping you forget about their countless stories on the “mean-spirited/racist America” that the Arab world will stop hating because of Obama.

Good luck with that thesis.

This is unofficial, but I heard the “burning in effigy count” in Muslim countries is now 3-1, Obama over Bush.


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