Who Called It?

Nobody likes a braggart.

So please don’t hate me…though I might deserve it.

Exactly one month ago, on September 4th, this blogger predicted a Nobel Peace Prize for the President.

But not the American…the Russian.


In the midst of all that’s going on in Washington, where our leader has the respect of just about no one, other than his lap-dog press, and even that’s showing signs of cracking, it’s refreshing to see a Peace Prize Nomination that actually represents Peace.


Is it my imagination or has the presence of Vladamir Putin in Syria completely stalemated Cowboy Obama’s plan to bomb them?

I think so.

While you’re at it Nobel Committee…it’s O.K. to take one or two of those awards back, especially from those who never earned it.

So proud my readers are smart enough to know who I mean.

See…now I’m bragging about you!


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