Analogy Man

Everyone has a reputation at their place of work.

Mine is for making analogies…non-stop.

Some are good.

Some are, well–in order to give myself a wee bit of credit–need germinating.

The bottom line, with any analogy, is to make something complicated appear a bit less so, by relating it to something else more commonly known.

Here’s one of my better ones from yesterday.

Two friends at work asked what Obamacare means and why it is conservatives hate it so much.

Here’s my explanation.

Since it’s two thousand pages long, it’s impossible to understand.

Imagine that your Father has become a widower.

A woman comes along who’s after one thing…his money.

She’s beautiful and young enough to catch his eye.

The rest of the family is screaming…NO DAD…she’s a gold digger!

Yet dad, caught up in the emotion, marries her any way.

Within a month, the beauty queen cleans out his bank account.

She’s gone as quickly as she came, and father is now broke.

Dad laments…”You kids were right…why didn’t I listen to you?”

That friends, is a great analogy of Obamacare.


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