Proof of Obama’s Brilliance

O.K. folks…you know my sarcasm.

Don’t waste much time trying to figure out our President.

Let smarter people like Judge Jeanine clear things up.

This video is priceless.

Thanks Judge.

You’re the prettiest/smartest gun owner I know.


2 Responses to “Proof of Obama’s Brilliance”

  1. Tyler Massery Says:

    Your giving the family a bad name with your ignorance. If you care about the family in anyway please take this down. People google my name and this comes up. People think Im an ignorant, gun loving, hate monger like you. Have respect for the man we elected to represent us. He has our best interests in mind. Just because his interests arent god, guns, and no taxes doesnt mean hes ignorant in any way. Im am deeply offended by your uneducated filth on the internet.

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