Romper Room Magic Mirror to Truth

For those wondering why it is some leaders work so hard (nearing hysteria) to get things accomplished, there’s an old saying.

Follow the money.

The last-ditch effort Republicans offered to keep the government open included the removal of subsidies for Congress with regard to none other than…drum roll please….their health insurance!

That’s right folks…especially you liberals so bent on believing Democrats care more than Republicans.

Here’s how Harry Reid and his gang spun their rejection of the offer…courtesy of The

“This time the House has attached a poison pill that would punish 16,000 congressional staff,” he said. Senate Democrats left little doubt before the vote they would strike the amendments attached to a stopgap bill funding government through Dec. 15.  Reid declared earlier in the day that Senate Democrats would not accept any changes to ObamaCare.  He said they would not even negotiate over the landmark law until after Congress raises the debt ceiling, which is due to expire Oct. 17.  “We are not going to mess around with ObamaCare, no matter what they do.”

When Harry says, “don’t mess around with Obamacare” what he’s really saying is, in my opinion, “don’t take perks away from us privileged members of Congress who don’t really want to be burdened by the runaway costs of Obamacare.”

Raise your hand if you think that making Congressmen and their staff have to live with the same health insurance deal as everybody else a fair idea.

Wow that was unanimous.

I have a Romper Room Magic Mirror you know.

I see Tommy and Billy and Nancy….

Harry doesn’t…he called it “poison.”

In reality, his love of “poison” just killed the Government, so that he and his friends can keep what they’ve written into law for themselves.

Follow the money folks.

It always leads right back to the biggest crooks in the room.

Go ahead…prove me wrong.

I’m listening and watching.



2 Responses to “Romper Room Magic Mirror to Truth”

  1. Freethinking Fiscal Conservative Says:

    “Conservative activists have portrayed the language as ensuring that Congress and the White House would be held to the same strictures that apply to ordinary Americans under the health care law. In fact, the language would put poorly paid junior staff members at a disadvantage.

    Most people buying coverage on the exchanges will receive subsidies through generous tax credits. Most Americans will still get their insurance from their employers, who will continue to receive a tax deduction for the cost of that care. Under the House language, lawmakers and their staffs, executive branch political appointees, the White House staff, and the president and vice president would have to pay the entire cost of health insurance out of pocket.

    Representative Peter T. King, Republican of New York, said junior staff members were “being used as a sacrifice” for a political gambit, driven by Republican hard-liners in the Senate like Ted Cruz of Texas, that will go nowhere.

    “They locked themselves into this situation, the dead end that Ted Cruz created,” Mr. King said.”

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