Let Obamacare Defe(u)nd Itself

My dad was the king of one-liners.

A favorite of his, which I still use at least once a week:

Don’t fight for something that’s coming your way.

Republicans, especially the best ones from the Tea Party, are trying desperately to de-fund Obamacare.

I understand the logic.

A good faith effort to stop a catastrophe always deserves a pat on the back.

However, this dreaded law begins in full force October 1, as planned, despite efforts by Ted Cruz and others.

Now come the results of my Dad’s wisdom.

This giant cluster/mish-mash of rules is about to have to stand on its own.

No more Tom Friedmans of the world to defend it by carrying on about how obstructionist-like Republicans are.

It’s now time for this glorious idea to go mano a mano with every American in need of health care.

If you think the Tea Party was mad about something Nancy Pelosi didn’t read,  wait until you see the octogenarians lash out at something they never read either.

Let the side-show begin.

The unraveling of this legislation, as it endures the light of day, just may cause Obama to care a bit less about having his name linked to it.

Maybe he can change the moniker to SoteroCare.

Here’s a list of 10 States (that the AP won’t report on) where insurance companies have already abandoned ship.



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