High-Five for Holloway and His Party

I can’t say for sure why former NFL player Brian Holloway changed his mind regarding not pressing charges against hoards of teenagers who broke into–then partied–at his home.

Could it be that their continued bad behavior, even after they were found out, hurt their cause?

You see, Mr. Holloway asked those responsible to come to a “clean-up” party to simultaneously “come-clean.”

His demeanor seemed to say “if you show remorse, I will show mercy.”

Boy that sounds familiar.

To the dismay of the football hero, and those watching things play out around the country, the idea of a “party” that involved “work” didn’t have the same Twitter-appeal to the flash mob of 300.

Here’s why I salute you Mr. H.

You’re doing more to “parent” those kids than their own pathetic excuses for a mom and dad.

“Spare the rod, spoil the child” is not just a fairy tale concept…it’s a fact.

It comes from that same oft neglected book where one can learn about mercy and wrath.

Maybe these entitlement loving parents can all band together and hire a high-priced lawyer to defend the accused “parties” involved.

Good luck trying to use up his resources without paying.



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