War and Greed

No one has been tougher on President Obama than Conservatives regarding his lousy idea to bomb Syria.

But, even with such a flawed idea, I’m proud that America’s rule of thumb, with regard to war, has never been equal to that of the Kaiser’s.

I recently visited the amazingly beautiful World War I Memorial Museum in Kansas City, Missouri.

Besides an expansive park, similar to the Mall on Washington, it has a giant tower, that put me in mind of the one atop Mount Greylock, and an even better indoor museum under ground.

A speech that I heard from a recording of Kaiser Wilhelm helped put all the carnage and waste of humanity in perspective.

He declared “The Reich needs new territory.”

One of the things my father often taught me was that greed is at the root of almost every war.

The belief that someone else has something that is so worth taking that human life becomes collateral damage is why so many died in Europe.

Poison gas made it’s introduction to the world then too.

Let us always remember, war is Hell.

If not avoided at all costs, then there will be no end to the need for new memorial museums, reminding us of the death and destruction caused by a madman’s greed.

WWI 185


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