Help Holloway Charge 300

One of my best memories as a young Pats fan was seeing gargantuan Brian Holloway doing business around the Pittsfield area while he was a player.

Since his retirement I have not heard much from him around town.

Until last week, when it was revealed that roughly 300 teenagers broke into his home to have a party.

The first thought that occurred to me was, whatever happened to the Pittsfield State Forest?

In other words, when we wanted to have a party we went as far away from civilization as possible, so as not to disturb it.

Apparently those days are gone.

I just have one thing to say to Brian.

If you really want to help those 300 brats, press charges against them.

The last thing they need is a “pass” that prevents Colleges and future Employers from knowing what they did.

For every kid who did attend, there are likely dozens who refused…whose parents cared enough to teach them respect.

They’re the ones who deserve first crack at a scholarship to Sienna, or St. Rose, or St. Mike’s.

Don’t do an Anti-Dragnet…by hiding the names to protect the guilty.

The criminal charges just might teach their pathetic parents a lesson too…who unanimously refused to show up and help you clean the mess.

One last thing…Jesus healed 10 lepers once…only one came back to say thanks.

Keep that thought as you read the article below.


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