Generic Brands vs. Generic Answers

My wife and I don’t see eye to eye on generic brands.

She’s hesitant to purchase anything but name brands, and I’m convinced that the store brands are just as good.

When it comes to things like medicine, the pharmacists themselves often recommend generic, and at times insurance policies require it…because of the exact /equal makeup of the drugs.

I’d guess arguments like mine with Natalie are common, whereby roughly 50% agree with me and the half with her.

There’s one generic thing that happens too often that 100% hate, and that’s the generic answer.

Several years ago I wrote to a famous Ice Cream Company in Vermont.

They had a division that administered charitable contributions.

I was not requesting a contribution of any kind, I simply wanted to make a suggestion for a new flavor.

The first line of my letter said…”I DON’T WANT ANY MONEY.”

The answer I received was upsetting.

It was clearly a generic letter, rejecting my request for funding, stating the charity I was proposing didn’t align with their mission statement.

Considering I didn’t propose any charity or request funding, I couldn’t help but feel slighted.

So much for eating Chunky Monkey with a smile ever again.

I did learn a good lesson.

Whenever a customer writes me a letter or email, I do my best to address every question or concern they have.

By actually responding specifically, not generically, I show them their words have value.

God never treats us generically, though Atheists like to point out all things happen randomly..a.k.a. generically, we know that our God listens to every prayer.

Thank you Lord that you gave me a wife smart enough to keep me in my place.

She’s an answer to my prayers, the name brand/better half vs. the generic, slightly inferior, other half.



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