Bomb Makers Rejoice

Just like there are two kinds of gun dealers, (a past blog) there are two kinds of bomb makers.

Those who connive in their basement, with the sole intent of spreading terror, and those who create legally, in large factories, with the support of their government.

For those who aren’t in the business of building and selling significant military equipment (SME), which also includes passive armor systems, you probably don’t know there are strict export laws one must follow, to prevent SME from falling into the hands of evil doers.

The State Department must “vette” everyone with whom one proposes trade.

By and large, that’s a good thing, taking the pressure off businesses from having to run extensive and incomplete background checks on legitimate end users–to confirm they have no ties to terrorism.

The State Department has the connections to delve more deeply into each country not embargoed and confirm credentials.

Two days ago something very strange happened.

The two men who have the authority to lift that export ban are none other than the President of the United States and the Secretary of State.

And…if you’re making a guess…that’s right, they’re going to allow the sale of weapons, including bombs, to a terrorist organization we all know called Al Qaeda.

The lucky bomb makers here in the U.S., who, under any other circumstances, that being a normal President/Secretary of State, would never have celebrated such a sale.

Thanks Mr. Pres. and Mr. Sec.–you’ve finally found a way for the terrorists to love us.

You’ve even created some shovel ready jobs and now they can turn their basements back into workout room.


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