That Sinking Feeling Again

For me it always seems to start with a little news blip.

Usually one I half ignore.

Then comes the HEADLINE.

The hint I try to forget (deny really) comes rushing back.

Yesterday was one of those days.

God allowed me to hear a whisper of news first, of the gunmen at the Navy Shipyard, who killed 12.

The big story today, 13 DEAD–KILLED BY REGULAR GUY, is inaccurate.

Shooter Aaron Alexis, the 13th, was no victim, he was already dead.

In a weird way, the Devil sends whispers of corruption to all people.

Too many lately, instead of seeking God, to provide for their lack, run toward Satan, embracing his devices.

God help us have the courage to I.D. those planning catastrophe.

Lift up the broken-hearted.

They’re true victims of a not so regular guy’s evil dreams.


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