Defending Pope Francis

A weakly written article divining on what Pope Francis penned to a friend has caused a stir.

First, the article draws it’s hypothesis from less than 1% of the Papa’s content.

Here’s a link to the full translation–from Italian to English.

Some very good people have passed judgement without getting the whole story.

Barbs tossed at his Holiness were regarding the potential for salvation for atheists.

When read “in context” the points made are based on God’s unlimited mercy through self-examination.

Romans 2:15a

They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness…

To many Theologians, the word conscience is a synonym for the word soul.

As the Pope asks Atheists to examine their “conscience” he is gently reminding them they have a soul.

One last thing.

Today’s Gospel in The Church’s Liturgy is the story of the Prodigal Son.

Our newly ordained Deacon, pointed out that this Gospel story has several other names beside the one above.

  • The Good Son
  • The Bad Son
  • The Merciful Father

Deacon Spencer liked the last one best–me too.

Here’s the bottom line…at the conclusion of the tale, both sons had sinned.

The younger with self-love, lust and avarice.

The elder with the sin of pride and condemnation over his wayward brother.

Who never sinned in this parable?

That’s right, it’s the Father.

He’s the hero through and through.

Is that not the entire Gospel story in a nutshell?

All of us are weak.

All of us misread God.

All of us have imperfections.

All of us pass judgement on others.

Yet the Holiest Father of all, God, has boundless mercy.

No matter how far we’ve run, even making the mythical claim about ourselves that “we are Atheist,” God’s mercy can still redeem.

One last thing, when commenting on Christian brothers, let’s try to take the log out of our own eye first…OK?

You don’t become Pope by being a heretic.

If after reading his full letter, you still believe him to be the Anti-Christ, you may be the one who’s deceived, or at least acting like the elder brother.


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