It’s Not the Gun Lobby

Two Democrat Senators in Colorado have learned that shooting straight at gun owners has its consequences.

Though this is National News, that a recall vote has succeeded in removing Senate Pres. John Morse and Angela Giron, it’s a very local issue that moved the voters.

You see, the good people of Colorado, just like law-abiding Americans everywhere, don’t want “knee-jerk” reactions to anything that goes wrong elsewhere, turning into legislation in their community, that makes them feel more vulnerable to crooks with weapons.

And, whether you’re a gun owner or not, you have to agree that Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York’s giant $350,000 contribution, to try and stop the recall, went over like a lead balloon.

I don’t care for lobbyists.

The cash that poured in, also another $250,000 from Los Angeles philanthropist Eli Broad, poisoned the waters for the liberals.

It’s not cheating, but it is very insulting.

Here’s a suggestion for the two Senators.

Send job applications to New York and L.A.

I’m sure Bloomberg and Broad would love to throw more money at you.

Just don’t forget to duck.

Since you hate guns so much, you won’t be able to fire back when they go ballistic and tell you to get lost.


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