Uniting Against Bombs In Gilead

For those worried the President would never unite us, guess again.

Thanks to his almost “mad man” like approach to addressing Syria, the United States citizenry has finally come together across party lines.

It has always upset me that the German people did nothing and said nothing, while Hitler killed millions.

I’m actually quite proud of an abundance of liberals right now.

So many are just saying “no” to bombs in Gilead.

The crisis in Syria also illustrates that true kool-aid drinkers, unwilling to make a stand, like U.S. Senator Ed Markey, who voted “present” on the Senate Foreign Relations vote this week to bomb Syria, are the ones most on the radar.

This is an issue that’s far too big from which one can disappear in silence.

God bless liberals opposed to Obama!

There, I said it and I mean it.

Now, do you think any of them will be praying for me?

Hmmm….more silence.


I can dream can’t I?



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