Bow To Americans Not Saudis

For those raised in the 60’s and 70’s, who attended Parochial Schools, you may remember what we had to do when a Priest entered the classroom.

Can you guess?

If you said “stand up” you probably went to St. Mark’s in Pittsfield on Columbus Ave Extension.

There was something refreshing about knowing certain people were held in high enough esteem, based on their office, that it literally stopped all other activities.

In a very opposite and upsetting way, the current President seems to have elevated the Saudi King’s office above that of yours and mine-U.S.citizens.

The narrative by his acolytes, that America needs to “save face” seems more about not upsetting the one to whom Obama has bowed.

When has he ever bowed to us, the American people?

With regard to Obamacare, which the people never wanted, he bowed to a liberal dream.

Now, with regard to bombing Syria, though calls to Congress are nearly 500 to 1 against, he seems intent on fulfilling a promise–to the Saudi King.

We’re just mere children in his eyes, who he feels should be bowing to him.



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