Trappist Nuns Make Presidential Jelly

My mother loved to experiment in the kitchen.

When the ill-advised cholesterol scare of the 70’s hit, damning things like butter in favor of margarine, she decided all things homemade would be healthier.

She started with her own granola, baked in the oven.

Then came the canning of jams, especially blueberry and raspberry, which we loved.

But still, nobody makes better commercial jelly than the Trappists.

I especially like the Presidential variety Nuns in Syria are mashing and stewing right now.

Check out this excerpt from an open letter they put on the shelf a few days ago.

The people are straining their eyes and ears in front of the television: all they’re waiting for is a word from Obama!

A word from Obama? Will the Nobel Peace Prize winner drop his sentence of war onto us? Despite all justice, all common sense, all mercy, all humility, all wisdom?

The Pope has spoken up, patriarchs and bishops have spoken up, numberless witnesses have spoken up, analysts and people of experience have spoken up, even the opponents of the regime have spoken up…. Yet here we all are, waiting for just one word from the great Obama? And if it weren’t him, it would be someone else. It isn’t he who is “the great one,” it is the Evil One who these days is really acting up.

The problem is that it has become too easy to pass lies off as noble gestures, to pass ruthless self-interest off as a search for justice, to pass the need to appear [strong] and to wield power off as a “moral responsibility not to look away…”



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