Nobel Fakes and Opps

Never before Obama’s win, was the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to someone who hadn’t done anything to earn it.

The shallowness of the board’s decision in 2009 confirmed their politically correct agenda.

Here’s a recent excerpt from Wikipedia on the subject:

Subsequent to the award many Americans now consider that Obama did not deserve it in the light of following events.[21][47] Opponents of the award cite the expansion of the War on Terror and the large increase in the number of drone strikes carried out under Obama, specifically in Pakistan.[48][49] There have been a number of calls for Obama to either return the award or to have the Nobel Committee recall it, most recently in 2013.[50] In April 2013 a petition was began asking the Nobel Committee to rescind the Peace Prize. The petition garnered 10,000 signatures in its first day and nearly 20,000 by the end of its first week.[50][51]

In an odd way, injustices like this often right themselves.

God did give Norwegians a conscience.

One last thought.

Never before in our history has a world leader, Alexander Putin of Russia, been given a greater opportunity to earn that prize than right now.

As America and her Congress debate bombing Syria, a sovereign nation, the Nobel Prize is calling his name.

Here’s what he could do.

Travel to Damascus right now.

Sit with Asaad and demand a peaceful solution to their civil war, with the threat that if he doesn’t play ball, Putin looks the other way as the Pentagon goes ballistic.

That’s how you close a deal.


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