Every Click Makes Miley Richer

It’s sometimes difficult to look away when the preposterous happens.

I confess, the ruckus over Miley Cyrus’ performance last week, at the “suck up to Hollywood awards,” made me look.

How can someone God made so cute become so Devilishly vile?

My reaction, like millions, is part of the problem.

Mega-stars earn big dollars with every video on YouTube we click.

Those annoying intros that say “skip to your video in 15 seconds” are a celebrity’s vending machine.

Our job as Christians is to make unhealthy snacks in that vendor go stale.

If you want to help Miley and others like her, never click on her name again…ever.

Even an alleged apology is bound to have an ungodly motive.

If she wants to embrace Satan she needs a cold shoulder from God’s people.


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