Not All Blacks Invited

The commemoration of the MLK Jr. march on Washington was lacking a few things.

The first would be tolerance for Black Republicans.

I’m not just talking about Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina.

His “dis” was no surprise.

One can’t be Black/Pro Life/Republican, and expect kindness from Liberals.

There’s a far more famous Black Republican who wasn’t invited to the 50th Anniversary celebration.

That’s right, Martin Luther King Jr.

Though I didn’t watch all the proceedings, I’m confident only parts of the man were remembered; but definitely not his membership in the Republican Party.

What Liberals want folks to forget, especially big shots like Steven Spielberg, who hide the facts in movies like “Lincoln,” is that Democrats were the party of the KKK.

Martin Luther King Jr. also knew Republican Abraham Lincoln was the only reason Blacks were emancipated.

If it were up to Democrats of the Lincoln era, Blacks would be totally reliant on rich Whites for every meal, their housing, and most of all, for a self-serving ideology that treats unborn Black babies like personal property.

Sound familiar?


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