Bombing Syria–No Doggy in the Window

For those who think the solution to problems in Syria are simple, think about this.

If you saw three Pit Bulls fighting, what would you do?

I can assure you, sticking an arm in their midst would likely make you a one-armed man.

That’s the conundrum in Syria.

Two many factions doing nothing but frothing at the mouth.

A tonnage of bombs, hurdling through the air, would only bring three or four more Pit Bulls to the fray.

Evidence is also mounting that the same cowards who attacked our Embassy in Ben Ghazi are funneling weapons to Syrian rebels.

This is far too complex for even a John F. Kennedy type to resolve.

Considering Obama’s record on foreign policy, abysmal in my eyes, he’s in way over his head.

Step back Barack.

This is neither a Conservative or Liberal issue either, it’s just the way things go down when the smartest being on the ground is a bloodthirsty dog not wagging its tail.


One Response to “Bombing Syria–No Doggy in the Window”

  1. Luisa Noujaim Says:

    It is amazing that the same theory did not apply to the previous administration when they wagged not only their tale but everything else in Iraq!!
    This president is smart enough to wait , assess etc…
    If you think his record abysmal I am curious as to how you would rate the previous president who got us in this mess in the first place

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