Natalie’s Ninth

If you’ve never been to Tanglewood to hear the Boston Symphony Orchestra perform Beethoven’s 9th, then I have a  30 second snippet for you to enjoy.

The whole performance takes about 100 minutes to complete, with no intermission.

What was most interesting about how it concluded, were the faces of folks on the lawn (me included).

We simply did not want it to be over…the experience was far too heavenly to need an ending.

If you look carefully at the video you’ll see my beautiful wife soaking up Berkshire August sun.

You can also tell the video guy (me) was resting nicely in the shade.

As the sun traversed west, Natalie kept moving her chair east.

I’d guess it was about 9 times she had to scoot herself closer to the shed.

For some, staying close to God means digging more deeply into things we know are best, like Bible study and prayer.

For others, the journey means constantly going after Him to keep from backsliding.

Whichever it is, God’s Holiness and Majesty stays the same.

He’s timeless, like Beethoven’s music.

When what we do is dedicated to the Almighty, our Ode to Joy never ends.


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