85% Means Nothing to a Liberal Judge

There’s talk about how businesses/professions, run by Christians, like a bakery or photographer, should be exempt from working weddings of which they don’t agree.

You know what I mean, the kind where beings of the same species/sex try to pass themselves off as something less than offensive to that great Farmer in the sky.

In spite of the believer’s right of conscience, there are far too many liberal judges who simply don’t care.

But wait…according to this article below, 85% of Americans support the business folk.


Here’s the deal people.

These are the end times–that means for the evil one too, and he can sense it.

Through his lies and deception, hearts have grown colder than ever, and power, in the hands of those who hate God, is at an all time high.

Get ready to make a choice people.

Your money or your eternal life.

A majority is irrelevant to a God hater.


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