Obama’s Bad ID in Texas

If there’s one thing Texans don’t care much for, it’s the Federal government telling them how to run their state.

Not long ago some liberal hopefuls were dreaming of a day when Texas would vote Democrat in the Presidential election.

What they didn’t account for is a new law passed in the State that required identification before casting a vote.

Aw…doesn’t that just mess things up for Democrats?

I mean, how else would Texas go blue if there wasn’t a bit of cheating going on with millions of undocumented voters?

And what does the President do to help his cause?

That’s right, he brings a law suit against Texas, charging that mean-spirited people are trying to disenfranchise legitimate voters.

If they’re so legit, let’s see them get on a plane, or cash a welfare check without ID.

Just for once, I’d love to see the look on a liberal’s face when he or she went to their neighborhood voting station and got turned away.

Not because they didn’t have ID, but because someone else, without ID, has voted in their name.

What would they say to the volunteer worker at the polls?

Hey, why didn’t you check their ID?



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