Respect for Cops Spiraling Down

The supermarket where I shop was recently renovated.

Their claim is a dramatic increase of organic selections.

In a good way, unhealthy products are losing shelf slots for those with better ingredients.

The change was slow at first, but now, is boiling over.

I read more labels than ever too…like everybody.

In a bad way, change in the public attitude toward police is growing.

Sadly, both Libertarians and Conservatives, angry with a loss of freedoms under Obama, are the fastest growing segment, questioning motives of the local police.

There’s a growing narrative, though false, that they’re trampling free speech rights–Amendment 1, confiscating guns–Amendment 2, and abusing the search and seizure laws–Amendment 4.

I work in the Law Enforcement Community.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

More ironically, no segment of the population dislikes the loss of freedoms under Obama more, than our boys in blue.

If you’re not convinced, next time you see a cop, ask him something other than directions to the nearest Dunkin Donuts.

Query him about his freedoms.

Your more likely to catch him reading the label on new gun restrictions that effect him, just like everybody else.


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