Remembering Splatter Man

As a Freshman at U Mass in ’77 I felt the need to expand my stage skills.

I enrolled in Theater 101.

The Professor, named Harry, had a  young son who hung around the department selling his homemade comic books.

They were minis, about 12-14 pages long.

Splatter Man was the hero of this tiny publication.

I remember he sold them for 25 cents.

I wish I hung on to one…they were priceless really.

Today’s post is about a family of Monks in Massachusetts, not far from Amherst, who banded together to do pretty much the same thing as Harry’s kid.

The comic novel, THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE, is 116 pages of fun and exercise for the brain.

In simple language, with artwork second to none, the Maronite Monks of the Adoration, create the most unorthodox, yet totally Christian Orthodox, series of discussions on the following:

  • Is there a God?
  • Is Jesus Christ both God and Man?
  • Did He found the Church?

From the back cover: Combining humor, a story line full of surprises, and a series of engaging dialogues, this book is sure to leave the reader exclaiming, “This is NOT your average comic book!”

Buy it on Amazon–published by Catholic Answers.

I loved it–you will too.

Their childlike approach deserves Broadway recognition.



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