Picking Sides in Egypt

Obama’s legacy in the Middle East couldn’t be any weaker since the latest outbreak of violence in Egypt.

I don’t envy politicians, often forced to choose sides in conflicts…but that comes with the gig.

If you’re not up for it–get out.

The President remains consistent in one area though–waffling.

Just look at the waivers/exemptions for the Obamacare mandate.

In the land of the Pyramids, there’s an easy way to know which side is more right…it’s always the one NOT burning down Christian Churches and killing Coptic Christians.

Truth is the most divisive intangible on the planet.

Once God chose to reveal Himself to Moses, it was only a short time before the Lord’s enemies took up arms.

Their reason?

Power was being taken away.

Their response?

Kill those over whom they once held it.

Since I’m just a pundit, I don’t need to choose sides.

Since you’re probably a believer, like me, we all need to pray for our brothers and sisters in harm’s way.

God help them and deliver us all from evil.



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