Priest Comes Forward–Miracle Still Just as Real

I admit, I believed the being who came out of thin air to pray for Katie Lentz on that highway in Missouri really did.

Fact is, he’s an actual Catholic Priest from Jefferson City and he came forward this week to set the record straight.

At first I thought, “well no miracle” but after reading the whole story–link below–I saw God’s plan more clearly.

One thing we Catholics do at our Church here in Pittsfield is pray for vocations at the end of every Mass.

Vocations is the word we use for ordained Priests, Deacons, Nuns and Brothers.

Just like Moses and Joshua were ordained by Almighty God to lead the people of Israel, so are those called into vocations.

Father Patrick Dowling, you did those of us praying for more workers for the harvest a huge favor.

Like Christ, you put your personal needs aside to bring the Gospel of forgiveness to those close to death.

Those of us praying for vocations understand the miracle best.

And as for those who don’t think they’re that close to death, ask 19-year-old Katie Lentz how fast things can change.

Life is a foxhole…get your soul in order…no one wants to crash alone.


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