Left and Right Extremism–Overreaching a Bit

This morning I read two stories, from opposite ends of the political spectrum, that made me sad.

First, a seemingly conservative judge in the South stopped a family from naming their baby “Messiah.”

I understand the respect for the name, but think maybe this Judge needs to let it go.

My grandmother’s name was M’sahiah…the same word, which she translated as Mary, the ultimate Christian female name.

And don’t we all know Hispanics named Jesus?

The other overreach is the story of a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask.

He’s now banned from that rodeo for life.

Too bad he wasn’t wearing a Bush mask, they’d have made him grand marshal.

And for those who don’t know, the term “clowning around” means “pretending to be something you’re not.”

God’s really the only judge of people’s heart.

Maybe both sides need to let things play out now and again.

The Truth, which is the cream of life, will always rise to the top without help from the thought police.


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