Peter Pan at the Colonial–a Victorian Affair

If it were possible to count the smiles on stage and in the audience during this play, I dare say 10,000 would be far too few a guess.

What seemed like nearly a cast of 100, probably more like 85, delighted a healthy crowd at the Sunday matinee at the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield.

A special shout out goes to young actor Charles Kerzner who didn’t just “play” Peter Pan, he “played” at Peter Pan.

All I could think of, as he beamed sunshine and sweetness to the audience, were my own children hamming it up around the house at that age, to our delight.

I noticed this young man in a previous BTG children’s production and thought to myself “this boy deserves the lead next time.”

Another great character, the Berkshires own Ralph Petillo, brought Captain Hook to life as well as Hans Conried did in the Disney version of the cartoon film.

My tiny criticism of the production is it’s failure to change one word.

In Victorian times, around 1904, the word “silly ass” meant “silly donkey.”

That line, repeated twice, in front of about 50 children below 8 years old, though it’s surely original, needed modernization.

To be fair, in Victorian times, the author J.M. Barrie, would never have permitted vulgarity in a children’s story.

Blame it on the evolution of the word here in the U.S.

Kudos to Emma Foley as Wendy and the dancing of Isabell Kent and her gang of Indians.

The cast of Pirates, mostly adults, were hilarious.

The lost boys were very endearing.

My favorite scenes were “Oh My Mysterious Lady” and the “Ugh-A-Wug.”

The costumes, lighting, orchestra and stage direction were flawless too.

Don’t be a donkey and let this play pass you by.

Especially if you have children around.

Community theater needs your support.

PS…The parents of the kids who flew around the theater will sleep better when this is over.  Not even Lyon Aviation, a major sponsor, could have flown much higher.



2 Responses to “Peter Pan at the Colonial–a Victorian Affair”

  1. April White Says:

    Jim my son is one of the Pirates in this show we are seeing it on Sunday the last day 🙂

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