God’s Fruit Salad

Maybe it’s because I’m so much taller than my wife, and I see more disarray in the refrigerator than she?

I’m more often the one who cleans it.

If you’re anything like us, that’s the day you’re as equally blessed as grossed out.

Leftovers are nice, until there’s a month of mold under the Reynolds Wrap.

My technique is to take everything out, one shelf at a time, then spray the interior with cleanser, letting it soak through the gunk.

All gets tossed that smells funny or has grown stem cells.

But this time our hidden blessing wasn’t just a cleaner fridge.

I stumbled upon six containers of berries, due to a healthy Berkshire summer, and a “still good” assortment of melons, screaming for conversion.

I grabbed the biggest Tupperware container we own and began dumping and slicing.

The result was a masterpiece the family loved, still here three days later, filling up evening snack time.

We all tend to age the same way as the contents of our fridge.

Good things, like wisdom and experience are blessings, provided they’re used properly, while aches and pains from aging bring us down.

In our humility we must endure those things that cause us pain (Catholics offer them up).

And in obedience to God, realizing who we are and what we know, we must share our faith/confidence in Him.

Mixed together, God and His people feed the world.

We’re not perfect, but throwing away the junk is the best place to start…otherwise we may not see the good.

fruit salad 022


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