Jackie Robinson in Space

Last night we watched the movie “42” about the life of Jackie Robinson.

He was the first Black man to play Major League Baseball.

The White man who made it possible was Branch Ricky, played by Harrison Ford.

It was difficult not to see this film/important historical time, through Star Wars colored glasses.

Especially since Han Solo’s voice shone through the heavy makeup used to transform Ford into Ricky.

This really was a revolt of sorts, and I recommend this flick to all folks of good will and their families, including children from age 9 and up,

Racial prejudice is something that might accidentally rub off on our young.

Racial tolerance is something else we must deliberately teach them.

(There’s even reference to the dangers of the “A” word–you remember–the one that describes an unfaithful man in his marriage.)

The space we take up each day, on God’s great earth, is it for us, is it for Him, or is it for nothing?

Branch Ricky decided not to take up any more space, doing nothing about a problem he had the power to undo.

God bless you both, Jackie Robinson and Branch Ricky.

Jackie, you like Christ endured suffering for a greater good.

Branch, you like Christ showed how to love unconditionally.


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