Tebow and My Mother

One thing we all do, when there’s sadness, such as a death in a family we know, is try and bring moral support.

In our little Lebanese community in the Berkshires, my mother had a reputation for taking over the kitchen of a house where there was a loss.

She never asked permission, her presence was simply “understood.”

Food trays of all kinds would arrive and she’d spend up to a week at a friend’s/relative’s home, helping organize entrees and serving meals to mourners.

Never once do I recall her coming home from a long day bragging or complaining.

To say she was admired by our clan would be an understatement.

Those old world virtues have almost disappeared from today’s society.

Fast forward to another virtuous Christian–far more renowned.

Tim Tebow.

The excitement surrounding this young man has much less to do with his faith than it does his morality.

You see, there are thousands of Christian athletes, but very few who talk about their virginity with a purpose.

That’s right, I said the “v” word.

Many who see no value in Holiness are actually put to shame when they encounter it.

I’ll never forget the look on Bill Clinton’s face when he first met Pope John Paul II, as he arrived in the U.S. for the first World Youth Day.

Someone was shaking in their extramarital boots.

Thank you Mom, for being an example to our tiny community.

Thank you Tebow, for being an example to the youth of the world.

Virtue is never wrong–sex outside marriage is never right.

Though some may mourn your fearless message of Truth, far more admire you.


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