Another Way Politicians Should Spend a Week

Those who’ve fallen in love with our local politicians for living like Food Stamp recipients, on $4.00 day, have garnered a great deal of admiration from the media.

Why not…they’re pandering to a liberal hook, that receiving free food is a generational guarantee, not a temporary helping hand.

Here’s a challenge for the Reps and Senator.

Why not spend one week in the office of a small business owner?

Let them see what it’s like to meet payroll–pay health insurance premiums –dish out workman’s comp fees–protect their businesses from theft–deal with receivables/payables–while still marketing their goods and services…all that tricky stuff of which folks on Food Stamps, and even many working class, have no idea.

Remember, they want to educate the public.

Let’s hope they SNAP up this idea too.


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