Larry Bird vs Barack Obama

Anyone who thinks this is a basketball comparison has never seen the President shoot the rock.

He’s the kid you choose last in a pickup game.

Back in the late 70’s, Boston Celtics fans went crazy over a young Hoosier named Larry.

He was an amazing player and an even better team leader.

Yet for some, like Spike Lee, Isaiah Thomas and Dennis Rodman…he was overrated because he was white.


Tell me, is Barack Obama overrated because of his ethnic origin?

Imagine what would’ve happened if Mitt Romney set up a campaign outreach to White Churches, as did Obama to the Black congregations?

The double standard is hard to digest.

It’s even more upsetting when liberals parade around at rallies with signs that say “Racist and Proud” and the media falsely attach these idiots to Conservatives, so they can rewrite history.

This woman is a liberal activist who was at an Anti-George Zimmerman rally.

Yet she was dubbed the Great White Hope by a leftist writer, Tara Dowdel of the NY Daily News.

Americans deserve better from the media.

Race relations is not a game of round ball where very bad players make varsity, just because their father is coach.

My dream is for it to be kept fair in the media.

And that would be like the second coming of Larry Bird in Boston.



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