A Lost Tooth in Mexico

On a recent trip to Texas, at a Mexican restaurant, I was reminiscing about my first south of the border meal.

My parents had taken me to Tijuana, as a side trip to visiting family in San Diego.

Since I was only 5, the hamburger on the menu was the only option.

When it arrived without a bun, but on toasted white bread, I cried.

My parents did their best to assure me it would taste just fine.

Remember, my idea was the 15 cent variety from Kelly’s Hamburgers on South Street.

Reluctantly, little Jimmy bit into that burger.

Guess what?

That’s right…my first loose tooth stayed stuck in that toast.

I’d been wiggling at it for days.

Ironically, I was happy…it meant my first visit from the Tooth Fairy.

In so many ways, we fight God’s will for our lives.

Thinking our ways are better than His.

What always happens, for those who dwell in faith, is a God ordained solution.

It might not be clear at first, and we may even try to blame others for our sorrow.

Yet, when the dust finally clears, The Father’s plan never sets us back, it merely prepares us for the next big thing.

Are you still mad at God over something?

Let it go.

He’s preparing a meal for you better than a Mexican buffet.

It may even knock your teeth out, as long as you have the courage to take a bite.


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