Teen Profiled–Then Killed–By Obama

I’m growing a bit tired of the victim mentality that refuses to take responsibility.

When I go through the TSA line at the airport, if an agent looks at my surname/big nose, and decides I need extra scrutiny–bring it on.

My goal, as an Arab American, is to help undo stereotyping with model behavior.

Not so for Al Sharpton and his hoards.

He wants to double down with marches, protests and very likely, vandalism and violence, in 100 cities today.

With Obama standing right beside him–endorsing it all.

Yesterday, the President, in the guise of doing America a favor, thought it cool to fan the flames of racism, reminding us white people used to look at him funny.

Some still do Barry.

When he said “Trayvon could have been me” he was partly right.

Obama smoked weed and his school records are hidden–and–he came from a broken family.

But the last part is not his fault.

Children are never to blame for failed parenting.

In a deadly attack on a teenage boy, the Obama administration, in the fall of 2011, profiled a 16-year-old American in Yemen, because of his father–a radical Muslim–Anwar al Awlaki.

Both U.S. citizens were killed by drone strikes, two weeks apart…first the father, then the son.

But the question remains, “Why did Obama feel the need to kill young Abdulrahman, when there was zero evidence he was a terrorist?”

Wait–I remember–he looked like he could be someone’s son.

Question–Was Abdulrahman beating the President to death with a ground and pound MMA technique?


He was eating Falafel at an outdoor cafe’. (He had Halvah candy in his pocket too…)

Justice for who Mr. Obama?

If  you were referring to yourself when you hinted that America is still a racist country, then I wholeheartedly agree.

Say whatever–kill whoever–nothing matters–but your agenda.

And the hoards who adore you.

Just ask the Judge in Michigan who said Detroit’s bankruptcy didn’t honor you.



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