Evidence–Charles Barkley Might Be Conservative

For most people who disagree with the Zimmerman acquittal, it’s primarily because they believe that racial profiling, in every case, is criminal.

If that were so, what is the premise of Affirmative Action?

Who do you know that has flown with young Muslim men, that doesn’t want the TSA to scrutinize what they’re carrying in their pockets?

Every now and then a celebrity makes a good point.

Thank you Charles Barkley for reminding people racism is a two-way street.

Facts matter.

I get the feeling somehow a conservative has rubbed off on you.

I just can’t figure out who it could be?



One Response to “Evidence–Charles Barkley Might Be Conservative”

  1. dhuisjen2 Says:

    To your first line: Ummm… no.
    Privatized civilian killing of “suspicious individuals” based on racial profiling is always criminal. In most cases police killing of suspects without due process is also criminal, especially when it is based on racial profiling, but it is more absolutely wrong when done by vigilantes. See the difference? Care to dispute that principle?

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