Justice Not Blind for Stevie/Cover of The Rolling Stone

Two music legends took giant steps backward this week when they weighed in on the political side of justice.

For Stevie Wonder, one of my favorite entertainers, to announce he’ll never perform in Florida again, until their “Stand Your Grand Laws” are repealed, is an insult to millions of Floridians who approve of it.

The threat to perform in States without such laws means there are only 20 left, as 30 have some form of an expanded right to defend.

As if that iconic gaffe wasn’t enough, the next day we learn Rolling Stone Magazine, onto which every rocker wishes to appear, decides to make a glamour king out of terrorist punk number 2, who killed four and injured 200, during the hell week that began with the Boston Marathon bombings.

These people simply don’t get the point of justice.

It’s not about politics, it’s supposed to be blind to how people look (tell me Mohammed Atta, the ugliest 9/11 terrorist on the planet, would ever make their cover).

And maybe if Stevie could have seen that George Zimmerman looks more Hispanic than Caucasian, he might not have acted so very superstitiously.

As for the Ragazine?

They undid the fame Dr. Hook gave them.

Talk about blowing their own mind.


3 Responses to “Justice Not Blind for Stevie/Cover of The Rolling Stone”

  1. dhuisjen2 Says:

    Of course I side with Stevie on Florida in particular. Efforts to make private killing of blacks socially acceptable again in the deep south need to be rejected, and any effort to call it anything else is blatantly bogus. I’d want to read the Rolling Stone article before passing judgement there. I know others who are upset about it from the other side of the spectrum: stereotyping Muslim families in the west as unstable. Understanding where this kid was coming from is something that more people should be bothering with in any case.

    • jmassery Says:

      David. Thank you for your commentary. Please tell me where he was coming from.

      • dhuisjen2 Says:

        All I know about Tsarnaev thus far, not having read the article in question, is that he was a laid back stoner who somehow suddenly felt a need to do something radical to give his life meaning… and he chose one of the worst possible things for that purpose. Do you have further insight yourself? (Honest question.)

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