Too Smart for Jury Duty

Don’t you hate it when that very serious looking envelope from the County Courthouse arrives?

Especially when it seems you just dodged a bullet a year before, because the panel you were on got overlooked.

Then–like lightning–you have to worry they’ll pull your number again.

Look…I know my civic duty…and I’d do it with pride…just like you.

It doesn’t mean I have to like it.

I don’t like okra, but when my Sittoo made “bamy-ruz” I choked it down. (with rice–too stringy–I get a gag reflex just thinking about it)

Well, thanks to the Zimmerman trial, which all on the Left seem to be crying over, because no African-Americans were on the Jury, it seems there was a Black Woman considered, then rejected.

Her faults were blatantly obvious though…she was a Fox News Watcher.


That’s horrible…based on the ratings that makes her a 50%’er.

No wonder they’re accusing the Jury for being so dumb…they watch CNN and MSNBC.

So…from now on folks…on that little line that asks…”Is there any reason why your’e not able to serve?”…just write…”Yes. I watch Krauthammer on Fox News every night…I’m probably too smart for you to manipulate.”

Case closed.


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