N-Word Unacceptable and Unexplainable

I’m confused by the Black Community that has free reign to spout the N-word as often as a Valley Girl says “like.”

Especially since many would march on City Hall if there’s even a whisper of an outsider berating them.

Do you know another culture that self-insults with such bizarre profundity as Blacks dropping the N-bomb on each other?

Can you picture a Jew named Morty chatting to his kid brother Irving…”What’s up with the market today K-word?”

Or a Hispanic Manuel dishing to his cousin Julio…”Where’s my Santana album S-word?”

I can’t.

The Trayvon Martin tragedy is very sad–but even more revealing.

Is the Black community’s willingness to overlook the N-word the same mind-set that ignores thousands of Black on Black murders?

Where’s the outrage?

I don’t buy the idea that only Bill Cosby cares.

Why is it that just the Martin parents are poster children for tragedies against Black teens?

What about the thousands of other brokenhearted Black Moms and Dads?

Why do they matter so little?

Is it simply because the wrong colored man killed their son?

If you can help me figure this out please hit Reply and type away.

Here’s something else extraordinary.

The best critique I’ve found on this subject is by a Black Atheist.

I must not be a racist/bigot…I like her style and I’m calling her the acceptable N-word.




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