Zimmerman Verdict–Just a Second Opinion

In case you were wondering Mr. President, every now and again the police aren’t guilty of acting stupidly.

Like you said of the Cambridge cop when he arrested one of your Harvard Professor pals.

There’s good reason, when one has a serious illness, to seek a second opinion.

Like cops, Doctors are smart–but not perfect.

What we want to know, without a reasonable doubt, is that our diagnosis, or recommended surgery/medical protocol, is what’s best for us.

So what do we do?

We send the other Doctor our files…so he can have all the facts.

The night George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, then confessed it to local law enforcement, the Cops and Sheriff had to make their own decision, based on the facts at hand.

The evidence was fresh.

They were, in my view, Zimmerman’s first jury of his peers.

Their decision?

No charges–no crime–not enough evidence to convict.

But that didn’t stick.

Certain big shots started talking about how Trayvon could be their own son.

Not appropriate, but very effective.

The local Chief of Police was fired.

Murder charges were brought, in conflict with the first opinion.

To the surprise of few,¬†Zimmerman’s “not guilty” verdict, by another jury of his peers, settled the matter.

There are no winners, but at least justice heals those who submit to it.

Time to move on America.

Time to butt out Mr. Obama.


2 Responses to “Zimmerman Verdict–Just a Second Opinion”

  1. Paul Trumbull Says:

    Well said Jim, well said!

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