America’s Goat Talent

It’s hard to accept that roughly 50% of the American people still approve of the job our President is doing.

We’re now suffering through the longest economic downturn in history, and, because of his ultra liberal agenda, the mainstream media covers this Administration with one kid glove after another.

They almost never ask the tough questions.

What’s worse, he refuses to take responsibility for anything, constantly looking for a scapegoat for every misstep.

One of the most upsetting pledges our President has made is to shut down American coal mining, in the name of Global Warming.

America is a world leader as an industrialized nation for air quality.

Yet the Left hates coal…so he blames those who produce it as if they’re our enemy.

Jimmy Rose, a former Marine/Coal Miner, was picked to perform on TV’s America’s Got Talent.

Listen to him…he’s not blaming anyone…just doing right by his family.

Don’t forget Mr. Obama…America is supposed to be your family…stop being so mean to those who work the hardest.

You’re the goat head butting everything that gets in your way.


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