Big Tobacco Little Truth

For those who know anything about my family history, we have a bit of experience in the tobacco business–candy too.

No, we weren’t “big tobacco” tycoons, on the board at Philip Morris or anything…but we did own a small wholesale business in Pittsfield, White Star Confectionery, that delivered all kinds of products to local mom and pop stores.

I used to laugh, as we had one of the biggest corporations on one side, from whom we’d buy products, and the smallest retailers in the world, to whom we’d sell, on the other…places like Jule’s Superette in Pittsfield, and Richardello’s Market in Adams.

These were sacred establishments to me, where one man, dedicated to providing for his family, would work long hours, just to eek out a few dollars profit each week…(Jules and Horace worked well into their golden years.)

Chances were also good they carried store charges for those a bit short, so they could have milk and break for their children.

Our crime, according to liberals, was that we resold tobacco products to our community, putting children at risk.

I have news for you.

None of these people are guilty of anything like that…especially of the false narrative that tobacco kills children.

I’m proud to have done what I could to help folks succeed in business.

Compared to “big abortion,” which actually does kill babies…”children” don’t die from smoke.

Adults die, from years of smoking, because of things like emphysema and heart disease.

And, on top of that, they make the decision to begin, continue, and then hopefully quit someday, to improve their lifestyle and health.

Isn’t it ironic that conservatives are using the same liberal tactic to really save children?

I love how Truth plays out.


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