The Real Pain Doctors

For those poor folks who live with chronic pain there are specialists trained to help souls manage.

Last time I had a five-year screening, due to family history, my physician, an old-timer who had even treated my father and grandmother, asked me what type of medication I was taking.


“What do you mean nothing?”…he queried…”Every man in his 50’s is on something.”


I truly am blessed.

I do have a few food allergies that give me migraines now and then…that’s why I rarely sip wine…it’s a trigger.

As I read the news about Texas, regarding their Legislature’s new law to address pain in the womb, I couldn’t help but think what type of Physician, whose sole mission it is to kill babies, has the nerve to call himself “Doctor.”

It reminds me of City Solicitors.

The worst Lawyers work for municipalities, because no one would hire them to represent.

Abortion Doctors are similar.

Only the least skilled would gravitate to a place where failure is their objective.

Heart failure of an innocent child that is.

A miracle in Texas still needs to happen with their Senate voting on Monday to approve the new law.

Pray they have the courage to swallow the right pills.

The Hell-fire that Satan is planning to hurl at them over the next few days will be painful to watch.

If they succeed, they are the better Doctors.


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