Pressure? Who Are They Kidding?

The argument surrounding a woman’s right to choose in California has now taken an incredibly bizarre twist.

This is La La land we’re talking about now folks.

It seems a story is emerging that female prisoners in California have been sterilized with a procedure called tubal ligation…and now we’re supposed to believe it was done against their will?

O.K…I can see it now…women hit over the head and strapped to a table, while evil scientists quickly snip here and there…then they wake up and have no idea what happened, until they hook up with a new mister who can’t generate a new sister…

Don’t believe one word of this tale.

It makes no earthly sense.

What very likely happened is these incarcerated women, who have had numerous pregnancies, with babies galore, now living without their moms, are being offered a free service by qualified physicians.

And now they’re calling it “pressure.”

Tell me something…is advertising any product or service “pressure?”

By some definitions…”yes”…but that doesn’t make advertising illegal.

Like the time I pressured my mom to buy Spagettios after watching that ridiculous jingle on broadcast TV nearly 1,000 times back in the ’60s.

Uh oh…that didn’t taste too good.

The liberal media is dying to jump on this story, as if some evil Conservative with a plantation owner’s mind-set is behind it all.

Sorry dear people…this sounds far more like the work of Planned Parenthood to me.

Conservatives, especially the most evil kind of all…Catholics…don’t believe in sterilization.

We call it a sin.

Did I say “sin?”

My apologies…I didn’t mean to speak evil of your evil.

Let’s see how this one plays out.

My guess…once the Libs see who lit this fuse they’ll drop the story like a hot scalpel.


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