America’s Failed Arab Spring

With every freedom we lose in America, revealed lately by those willing to risk all, I can’t help but feel deja-vu watching Egypt’s troubles.

In 2008 we had our own Arab Spring.

A man, who’s 43.75% Arab, rose to power.

Sadly, his politics are 100% revolutionary.

Let’s start with Health Care.

Just a few short years ago–he–and an all Democrat ¬†Congress, rammed Obamacare down our throats.

It was overwhelmingly unpopular.

For those who think it was what the people wanted, answer this…why do we no longer have a Democrat House of Representatives?

And there’s the rub.

We’re approaching our mid-term elections again.

The President thinks he’s got a shot at helping Democrats take back the House.

Pelosi and Reid…such a nice ring to it.

So…what does he do?

That’s right…pretend Obamacare never happened.

He’s delaying implementation of its largest mandate–large employers–until 2015.

You’d better drop a drone on my head Mr. President, I’m about to terrorize my readers.

If this isn’t proof of the abject failure of the worst idea any President ever had, then I’m not 100% Lebanese.

I like our chances Mr. President…the low information voters don’t show at mid-terms, raising the average IQ of the electorate by about…I don’t know…99%?

Thank God for intelligence…not the NSA kind of course.


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